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Second Chance Adventures: Lost Dogs of MN

June 27, 2016

I can’t help it, I have a sweet spot for animals.

I once stopped traffic on a side street to get a large snapping turtle across the road…. I have called State Troopers to come to a busy highway and save a duck possibly sitting on ducklings…. and I always jump out of my car when I see a cat or dog seeming to be too far from home. So, my crazy Sunday adventure yesterday evening was no surprise to most people I know.

As my boyfriend and I left the Uptown Food Truck festival, an evening walk back to the car with warm weather and perfect sun set light was seemingly a great end to a relaxing “Sunday Funday”. Only a block from the car, he spotted a little dog running down the sidewalk without anyone following. I tossed my purse to him and took off running. Sprinting. In flip flops. For blocks, through peoples yards, across streets… this little guy would slow down… see me… and keep moving. Most people tell you not to chase a dog that is afraid… but I couldn’t imagine him making it to Hennepin and bolting into traffic. So… I kept chasing. Another women had been following him in her car prior to me, but we lost site of each other as I crossed through neighborhoods. Finally… I made it to the end of the scary block. Hennepin. As I turned the corner, I knew I lost him. I finally took a second to walk, completely covered in sweat, and then caught site of something….. Two guys looked like they were trying to corner something. I ran across the street and it was him! This little guy jumped through a rod iron gate, but the guys managed to hang onto his little leash. Now… how in the world to get him back through? He wouldn’t fit. So…against his will, we held him and passed him along the gate lines until we reached a spot that was low enough to lift him over. As we brought him down, he turned and snapped at me… cutting open one of my fingers. I knew he didn’t mean any harm, and could tell he wasn’t a stray…so I wasn’t worried. I thanked to two guys for their help just as the woman who had been driving spotted me and pulled up. There I was, in white pants, completely sweaty, dirty and bloody…. but I caught him. Still scared, he let me squat down to him and pet his head letting him know it was ok.

Police were called. Couldn’t do anything. Animal control was called. No answer. All shelters were closed. So… I knew I was going to have to bring him home with me. This sweet girl that was helping me ran home and grabbed an old towel to lay down in my car so he would be comfortable. Once I stood up to walk towards my car, he willingly came and jumped right in my car. A quick stop for food and water and we drove the neighborhood streets searching for anyone searching for him. An hour and some later… no luck. As he calmed down and relaxed at my feet, he licked the finger he bit as if to apologize. I knew he didn’t mean it.

With complete darkness settling in I knew we had him for the night. What would my other animals at home think? I couldn’t worry about it. I had to trust that this was the right thing to do. With a pillow, blanket and a large wire kennel … I guided him into my home office. Completely content, he laid down and looked up at me with big eyes. I know… we will get you back home.

By the break of dawn, his owner found my post on Lost Dogs of MN via Facebook. She posted a picture of him giving me the peace of mind that he was hers. With an afternoon reunion scheduled, he sat on my lap all morning as I worked. Completely content. Sweet to my animals and they were sweet to him. But… when we would go outside you could see the concern. He was searching. He knew his family was somewhere but just couldn’t figure out how far he’d gone.

As we pulled up to reunite him and he saw his mom, his tail wagged and he had an extra pep in his step. Snuggled close, I told his adventure story. A story of second chances. One of my best rescues yet!

* All iphone snaps. I was too afraid to lose this guy if I held my big girl camera and his little leash. 

“Deebz”- scared and fresh from his run.

FullSizeRenderA good night’s rest to lift his spirits.FullSizeRender-1Enjoying the am sunshine.IMG_5687

Thanks to Lost Dogs of MN for helping us reunite Deebz. A big thanks to my other half for not thinking I’m crazy, running in to the store to grab him food, driving forever and calling out to everyone on the street, and for not judging me every time I got up in the night to check on him. Your my kind of rescue partner 🙂

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