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November 28, 2017

Alright parents. You are all gearing up on that special time of year. You know… “It’s the moooooost wonderful tiiiiiiime of the year.”

It’s the “joyful” season of gift giving. It’s the time that you wait to see the happiness on your kids faces when they open up that certain something they have been asking for and fall asleep with it in their bed. It is also that time of the year when siblings want what their brother or sister has. It doesn’t matter what it is…. they want it too. Check out this series below of the Massie boys becoming a little territorial over a holiday branch. 🙂

Clark plotting the “take away move”.
The proud face after the steal. Meanwhile, Emmett is sure to tell his dad about it. Somehow they manage to make up and Clark loves on his little brother.  Look at that shoulder lean from the youngest! When it’s time for just the boys, crazy faces are a must.  I’m tired of the cold already too.

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