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March 16, 2018

She walked down the aisle with a smile you could see from a mile away, and his face lit up for the entire ceremony. Anita and Roland share a joy that is only the beginning of their life together. With so many years ahead of them, may they lean back to this day to remember that same smile and that same feeling to get them through any bumps in the road. May the light in your eyes show your future grandchildren the spark that started it all. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Johnson! Love this moment. You can see the emotion on mom’s face. Genuine happiness.Β  When the vows bring out that happiness.Β  Adore this black and white image of the prayer before being announced husband and wife.Β  The groom feeling good. πŸ™‚ Married!

  1. Thank God to be United with a wonderful family,It was a Beautiful Wedding, Thank God I was able to make it there for the Beautiful Wedding, look forward to visiting Africa next. Thank U Jesus!!!! Thank U jstoiaportraitdesign.com

  2. Tashi says:

    Beautiful just beautiful

  3. Rowena Jones says:

    The most beautiful couple, atmosphere, and of course portraits. Im so sorry that Mrs. Tim couldn’t be there but the phots tell a beautiful story. I could be more proud of such beautiful ppl,made by God. I love you Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, may God eternally bless your family

  4. Rowena Jones says:

    You are such a beautiful couple. A union made by God. I’m sad Mrs. Tim couldn’t be there to witness your celebrations, but your portraits tell a beautiful story. May god forever bless your family.

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