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The voice and hugs of Bentley Thomas


December 12, 2016

Three. Almost four, really. We are inching out of the shy phase. Bentley now chats away without much of a warm up period….well… with me at least, has the best and biggest hugs letting you know he misses you, and shows off his silly side more often than anything else. He has a mean throwing arm and recently figured out how to catch the football with uncle Tony. I want to bottle up his little voice with after every adorable sentence and keep it somewhere safe. Bentley Thomas, this time is flying by way too quickly and I’m just not ready. Promise you will love your auntie and always wrap your arms around me when you miss me!

-Auntie Jamie loves you. XoxoMinneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0001Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0002Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0003Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0004Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0005Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0006Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0007Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0008Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0009Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0010Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0011Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0012Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0013Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0014Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0015Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0016Minneapolis Family Photographer_BentleyThreeandahalf_0017

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