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Kristi: Got Muscles?

March 2, 2012

You know we do it ladies. There is always a girl in class that you watch that continually motivates you to work harder, jump higher, and pull out one more rep. I think it’s just in our nature. (Or let’s hope I’m not the only one and your totally thinking I’m crazy as you read this.)

This amazingly fit mother of two boys is just one of my main motivators. (Yes, of course, my bff is my main one haha) Kristi is one of the instructors that you can’t help but keep your eyes on during class just to be in awe of  how great she looks, how hard she works, and how the heck she talks through it all! She motivates you, she pushes you, she’s hilarious, (which usually makes me forget I’m dying for about 10 solid seconds 😉 ) and she makes class fun. If you haven’t been to any of her classes… you should. Seriously. Lifetime Fitness. Bloomington North. MN. Look it up and come check her out. I promise your butt will hurt for several days after, and you will find a way to become addicted to class. Oh yes… don’t be late… many of her classes are so popular that you have to have a VIP wristband to attend. Man I wish I was this cool 🙂

“Girl look at that body…. I work out” – You know you were singin it to while you look at her!

Zumba. This girl likes to dance.

Somewhat of an outtake… totally her personality… and to show that I am pretty dang hilarious when I shoot!

Kristi, thank you for continuously motivating me and for giving me the opportunity to show of this hot bod of yours!

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