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Athena Pelton: Stepping out of your comfort zone

March 4, 2013

There is a moment… or endless serious of moments… in front of a lens that bring most out of their comfort zone. The constant self doubt that most of us deal with completely takes over and you find yourself wondering…

This fabulously fashionable and incredibly talented photographer and I decided to put ourselves through the very predicament our clients face. We both found ourselves uncomfortable, vulnerable, and extremely anxious. If Athena hadn’t told me how nervous she was and how much she dislikes photos of herself… I would’ve never known. She was natural. As she laughed at herself (or possibly me) and turned away to hide insecurities, it completely brought out the sheer beauty behind her hilarious and outgoing personality. We found a way to crawl out of our comfort zone and simply be ourselves. It was beyond fun and almost a thrill ride as we coached each other to bring out what we wanted to see in one another. Athena rocked my lens.

This talented lady has an amazing session she does with a group of ladies and she calls it the Beauty Collective. She aspires to remind women of their beauty and push past their insecurities. To read more about it and check out her work find her here.

Meet Athena Pelton and all her awesomeness.

  1. athena says:

    I love you so much -and this. Thank you. For making me take my turn. And for giving me some incredible and amazing and BEAUTIFUL images of me. At a time when maybe I wasn’t so sure I was still beautiful. I can’t ever repay you. xo

  2. HANNAH E says:

    These are so beautiful! I am so glad that Athena sent me a link to these photos with the Story Company necklace! I am going to share this on the Story Company Facebook page!

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