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They say we look alike….

February 27, 2010

I have been told we walk, talk, and act just alike. I think our similar facial expressions tell all.

Sidenote to the series below: My dad will eat anything. And when I mean anything, I mean things I wont even begin to let sit near my plate, wont scrape the top off, or look at while he eats. Dad also seems to know someone everywhere he goes. So… we were chillin on the surfer beach taking in our last day of sun when we ran into a guy that dad knew. This guy talked about some great tequila that he was making himself… scary if I might say.. and that he wanted to give some to my dad to take home. After he brought a random glass bottle with saran wrap over the top.. scary part #2… dad took a sip. Again, he will try anything. This could be pee for all we know. LOL! Then the guy comes back telling dad that he was going to give him some special soup that only the locals eat. “Special”… scary part #3. I don’t do anything that is “special in another country. Nope. No way. It was served in a coffee mug, and brought with 3 limes and hot sauce. Clearly things that must be added in order to gag down this concoction. Dad, of course, took a big spoonful and made a face. One of those faces that made me look away in fear of what may happen next. He said it had a “seafood like” taste. He asked the guy what was in it.. and he said… “I’ll tell ya later”. Uhhhhhhh scary moment #4!!!! If you aren’t willing to tell me what is in this.. it just won’t happen for me! Why did dad continue to eat it even though he wasn’t a fan? I think he thought it was going to get better with the next bite. IT DIDNT. A strange piece of meat was eaten. And I will end it on that note… hahaha. After that… this series of shots taken. I could hardly contain my laughter as my dad is seriously hysterical… even when he’s not trying to be.

  1. Bob comstock says:

    Very nice blog and website. Some great pics, especially like the ones of you and the “Deekmon”at the beach.
    Great meeting you and watching your Dad eat that turtle soup or was it stew?
    love ya, hey?

  2. Tony says:

    Hey look it twins! Glad your trip was great!

  3. Master Deekmon says:

    I must say that the homemade Tequila did taste a bit like monkey piss but the turtle soup in a mug was just outrageously gross. The stringy meat was hardly chewable and I think there may have been a little of the shell still in there. My daughter will never kiss me again after consuming that mess. She couldn’t get the nauseous expression off her face for hours…I actually don’t blame her. Next time you are in Mexico only eat what’s on the menu!!! Love you sweetie…thanks for joining me on another fun packed week in sunny Cabo.

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