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September 8, 2019

When you have three kiddos, each one of them has their own agenda. As a parent, you must find a balance of each of their needs and keeping life moving. For me, no matter what happens… I enjoy finding ‘beauty in the chaos’. It can be the moments of giggling and dancing, or the ones where a pout face finds it’s way in and some kind of comforting happens. I love ALL OF IT. So, to all my parents…. NEVER expect your kids to come and be perfect. Ever. Love through the joyful moments and the ones that make you look forward to a glass of wine. 🙂

I adore the faces of this family. The spunkiness of the girls kept the laughter going and the love an older brother showed to his mom were the sweetest. Did anyone get an attitude and stomp off? Of course! I like to push the session until someone has a melt down. 🙂 Just end the session in water and you will always win.

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