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December 1, 2018

They patiently await their turn snuggling their little sister and compete to see who can make her smile the biggest. At four months old, Nyah is showing her personality through expression. With three older brothers, she sure does pick up little things they each do. Each moment I catch a glimpse of Kai, Ronan or Blaise and it stops me for a second. The bond these boys share is incredible and what an amazing thing to have them bring her in so seamlessly. She is one lucky girl! This moment below happened naturally. I almost died trying to capture it before it slipped away. This showcases this incredible bond these boys share.  Our last session with Nyah as a newborn was focused on mom and her kiddos. This time around I gave dad more love. There is something about kids embraced in the arms of their parents that is so timeless and I love these black and white images to capture this snippet in time.  Sometimes you have to pretend you don’t hear the chaos. 🙂

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