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Teeny Bee Boutique: Spring Has Sprung!

April 9, 2014

It is finally here! Spring is in the air and every single person in Minnesota is waiting to open their windows, feel the sunshine on their skin, and shop for new clothes! If you need a place to shop for your teenies, stop into Teeny Bee Boutique in St. Paul. They have so many adorable things all the time. Whether it’s for your little, or a baby gift for the many babies being born… it’s the perfect place to shop. Here’s a little preview of just a few of the many adorable spring finds. teenybeeboutique_0002teenybeeboutique_0001teenybeeboutique_0003teenybeeboutique_0005teenybeeboutique_0006teenybeeboutique_0007teenybeeboutique_0008

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