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April 27, 2018

The beauty in a chid’s name is that there is often meaning behind it. Whether it’s a family name, the meaning of the name itself, or something even deeper. Bobby, Sarah, and big brother Arie welcomed a little girl into their family.

Stella Zoe.

When Sarah was growing up, her mom used to call her Stella as a nickname…. one that means “star”. Her mother has since passed and now she has the opportunity to place a special story behind the name of her daughter. While Miss Stella did not get a chance to meet Grandma Cindy, there is a special star that she made many years ago that hangs over her crib. It is something she gave to her little star for the daughter she knew she’d have someday. See the pink and green circle below, just to the side of mom and baby? That’s Grandma Cindy. 🙂

Now, let’s not forget about Zoe. This little girl is inheriting the middle name of Bobby’s grandmother who just celebrated her 97th birthday on the day of Stella’s newborn photos. Zoe is a name that has been kept by many women on dad’s side and this little girl is now carrying it with her as well!

Welcome to the world, Stella Zoe. You are the a new shining star in this loving family.

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