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October 7, 2019

The wedding day is one you anxiously await when you find that person you can’t live without. I think many of us often don’t think about what a gift each day is because we are always moving to the next part of our to-do list. For Amanda and Pete, THIS day… THEIR day… had some pieces at play that made them truly soak in the time they had together. Amanda was in a car accident the afternoon before her wedding day. A pretty scary one. One that I am sure shook her to the core and rocked Pete’s world at the thought of… “what if”. But here they stood… in the most magical fall light… TOGETHER. I urge you to remember that each day IS a gift. Be sure to take a moment to stand with the one you love and just BE with them. This first image depicts just that. Reach out and let someone know they are important to you… today…. because the time we have is precious.

To Amanda and Pete, I am so blessed that I was able to capture this next chapter of your story together and that you are both standing together vowing all your days by one another. Make each one count.

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