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May 9, 2019

Toby waited outside for Claire to arrive. When the car arrived, he walked up… opened the door and put his hand out to lead her. It was a moment of chivalry. This may be my new favorite way for bride’s to see their future husband. It is almost a perfect picture of a gentleman leading his love throughout their life. I hope they remake this image throughout their years of marriage.
ADORE this image of Claire and a few of her favorite ladies.
Should you have lady ushers for your wedding? Yes… yes you should.
The guys literally posed themselves in this perfect position.
With the recent loss of my own mom… this moment had me tearing up behind the camera. Life is so precious. I am so blessed to be able to capture memories that speak for the connection of family.
Some love for the mom of three boys. 🙂
Both parents were showing lots of love to one another. Love the example they show for their kids.
I loved that these two sat together before the ceremony began. You could feel the calm come over Claire and she sat beside Toby.
When the emotions over take you just before the ceremony begins.
This may be the MOST excited Mother of the Bride I have ever seen. Her only child walking down the aisle… and she could not be happier.
Lowertown event center looks beautiful with those gold chairs.
Additional family grouping photos can sometimes feel daunting to add to a wedding checklist… NOT for me!! 🙂 Gotta love the cousins!
A game of “Would you Rather” with girlfriends turned into a bride wearing a bonnet at many weddings. 🙂

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