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Love and Luka Pup


November 5, 2016

On their 5 year anniversary Sam, Winter and pup Luka enjoyed a perfect MN autumn day. A quiet evening allowed for cozying up beneath the sun kissed trees bursting with color. Luka’s ears perked up with each passing squirrel and these two relaxed like they were at the cabin. When work is crazy and weeks are long, remember to find time to curl up next to each other, close your eyes, and pretend it’s 60 degrees outside and you’re falling asleep beneath falling leaves. 🙂 What an amazing way to celebrate 5 years together!
Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0002Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0003Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0004Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0005Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0006Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0007Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0008Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0010Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0011Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0012Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0013Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0014Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0001Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0015Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0016Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0017Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0018Minneapolis Engagement Photographer_SamandWinter_0019

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