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Diamonds Direct:Vendor Feature

June 26, 2013

To me, walking into many jewelry stores has the same feeling as walking into a car dealership. You have this underlying feeling that you are being pressured into a purchase. I can only imagine how a guy feels when deciding on a place to purchase a ring. And not just any ring…. but the ring that he will hold in his hand when he recites his proposal, at the perfect moment, at the perfect place, to the perfect person. And let’s face it guys… lots of girls want to see the ring. Since this is one of the biggest decisions the guy makes in this whole wedding process, it should be a great experience. This is where my fabulous friends at Diamonds Direct come in.

When you walk in the door of this family owned business you are more than likely to be welcomed by one of these two very personable faces.While they may not always be doing the happy dance you see Kristina doing below, you feel relaxed and comfortable because of the laid back atmosphere. From their personalized care, unique customized pieces, and genuine honesty, you feel a sense of trust with them.

So gentleman… take the edge off that pressured process of an important purchase, and ladies… just go to try on some fabulous bling. Come on ladies… we all do it. You gotta know what looks good on your hand! 😉

Like them on Facebook to see updates about gorgeous rings and things! Nobody gets tired of a little bling in their Facebook feed. Check out their website. Or simply take a walk down 50th and France and drop in!Meet Kristina. She is a long time family friend and has been an amazing addition to this business in the past few years. Meet Naomi. She is one of the fabulous family members that runs this show.I am quite smitten by this little lady below. I think she wants to come home with me 🙂 

  1. Hi Jamie,

    You are one tallented individual, thanks for making The Directettes and what we do so very cool looking.

    Considering I am blessed to have this totally wonderful/beautiful team I work with, what more could we be doing to promote YOU & us ?
    Any thoughts ? When can we do a get together ( Dinner at The Dr’s house & I’ll cook for you) and brainstorm. Love you work !!

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