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December 7, 2018

In our minds the Christmas season is about the happiness of just being together, the smell of fresh baked cookies and a real Christmas tree. It’s about Nat King Cole playing while you sip your favorite holiday drink and the kids sitting quietly as they play with their favorite toys. While there may be glimpses of this… the reality may be a wee bit different. Someone ultimately wants to play with a sibling’s toy and sharing just isn’t easily accepted on this holiday. Ornaments are either pulled from the tree or all hanging on the same branch towards the bottom third and the cookies burned in the oven because someone was crying. Does this sound familiar? If you have one kiddo or twins plus one and they are under the age of 4, I would only imagine this being true. 🙂 No matter how crazy the chaos, there is beauty in it. It’s in those funny moments that your story is yours…. so embrace them all!

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