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October 11, 2017

It’s inevitable. They grow up too fast, leave the nest, and follow their dreams. It’s been two years since the original 5 were all together under one roof. As years pass, many find themselves mainly focused on the grandkids when it comes to photos. While the little ones added some entertainment to our time together, I wanted to bring this back to the core. These amazing parents have much to be proud of and deserved a photo to remember this time. We strolled through the park the kids grew up playing at just down the road from their house. I laughed as they recounted stories of bike rides and bridge jumping into the lake. Their childhood may seem like forever ago, but it’s the stories they carry with them that tell their family story. Continue to relive them, recreate them (even by recreating a childhood photo 😉 ), and celebrate your time together when everyone comes back to the nest. 

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