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July 28, 2017

This baby bird, see his adorable six month session for that reference, has turned one. With walking as his new preferred mode of transportation, he has found he can have some real backyard adventures right at home. From the gorgeous old trees in which a tire swing hangs from to beautiful gardens, I hope these photos remind him that his mom always loved to garden. I hope she continues to always and that his summer memories growing up always include getting dirty in the yard while mom gardens. While this may not be their home forever, capturing this space will timestamp some of those favorite memories. Happy first year, Leo. You are one adorable kiddo with so much expression.  Pointing… one of my favorite things about a one year old.  What a gentleman! Dad… is he learning from the best? 🙂 Oh. My. Goodness. Can you handle that sweet face with one of moms flowers in hand?! This one is a keeper! Off roading in bare feet.  Sometimes feeling the grass beneath your toes is so much better.  He was THE most expressive one year old I have ever had for the birthday cake. I was dying at his little tongue as he scoped out his bird birthday cake.
The face you make when your caught eating the sweets you swore you wouldn’t eat.
When mom has the cutest birthday hat and you would rather tear it up or eat it than wear it. 

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